Workplace Counselling

A successful career comes with certain undesirable sidekicks, and stress is one of the most common accompaniments. However, you cannot avoid stress because the pressure of competition pushes you to stretch your physical and mental limits and perform more vigorously. Additionally, several other factors such as an overly demanding boss and incompatibility with colleagues take a toll on the emotional and psychological health of employees.

If you experience symptoms of excessive work pressure that threaten to overwhelm you, get in touch with Avenue Counselling Services for Workplace Counselling. Our experienced counsellors work with you and help you cope with stress. Depression and stress can devastate people and drive them to the point of no return, if the condition is not tackled in time.

Workplace stress is on the rise

Workplace stress in employees has increased drastically after the recent economic crisis, perhaps due to the constant insecurity about losing their jobs and struggling to remain at the forefront of competition. However, rather than keeping ahead in the race, the struggle pushes you into mental, emotional and psychological problems, which in turn affect your physical health.

The problem is people tend to carry their workplace stress back home. They act irritably with their family, refuse to communicate openly and begin to build a wall around themselves. Divorce and broken relationships are some of the most unfortunate side effects of work stress. Workplace Counselling at the right time can help protect your relationships.

Why businesses should make workplace counselling a part of their Human Resource Management activities

If you are a business owner, your biggest asset is your employee base. In order to run a successful business, you need to ensure that your employees enjoy good health physically and emotionally.

Depressed employees are a liability to business in more than one way.

So, if one of your employees suffers from depression, you should make efforts to heal their troubled minds. But how do you know that an employee is troubled?

Here are some signs:

  • Frequent absenteeism citing health problems
  • Drastic fall in productivity
  • Noticeable change in attitude, temperament and behaviour
  • Withdrawal from office activities and social gatherings
  • Alcoholism, increased tobacco usage or drug abuse

If you notice these symptoms with any of your employees, you should act quickly and suggest counselling. If you suffer these symptoms yourself, call us for an appointment. Our multidimensional workplace counselling services can get you back on track.

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