Addictions Counselling

A lot of people completely misunderstand the meaning of addiction. Usually it is a term associated with smoking, alcoholism, or drugs. In fact, addiction is a much deeper term and encompasses a lot of things.

For instance, today, children face the biggest threat of addiction from video games. Their addiction hampers their education and overall growth. Similarly, there are people addicted to their social networking profiles.

Essentially, we define addiction as “dependency” on a particular object or person to an extent that the addict cannot live normally without his or her addictions. It is both a psychological and physical illness.

Addictions can have very serious repercussions in life.

So if you or your loved ones suffer from any kind of addiction, get in touch with Avenue Counselling Services for Addiction Counselling.

The problem: Am I addicted?

Dependency on an object or person becomes an addiction only when it begins to hamper your daily life. If you reach a stage where you cannot do without it, begin to crave for it or feel anxious when you don’t have it, you are addicted and you need immediate treatment.

One of the major hurdles in treating addiction is that addicts live in denial of their condition.

This is where Avenue Counselling Services can help. Our Addiction Counselling experts analyse behavioural patterns to evaluate the extent of addiction, based on which, we formulate a counselling program.

We offer personalised counselling sessions. If our experts feel that group therapies can help, we include such alternate therapies in the counselling program. On the whole, our aim is to reinstate your independence and set you free from your addictions.

Addiction is not a just personal issue

When a person becomes an addict, the problem ceases to be his or her personal issue. The biggest victim is their family.

If the problem is not solved quickly, the family could be ripped apart, leading to more heartbreak. Moreover, it is not uncommon for addicts to begin stealing or indulging in other criminal activities to finance their addiction.

At Avenue Counselling Services, we understand the horrors and trauma that an addict’s family suffers. So, along with providing counselling to the addict, we also arrange sessions for the family.

We help families come to terms with the addict’s condition and empower them with skills that helps them stay together in troubled times. Family can be the biggest motivation for an addict to quit his or her addiction.

For help in getting rid of a dependency call Avenue Counselling Services today.

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