Loss and Grief Counselling

The beauty of human existence lies in forming emotional attachments, be it with other people, pets, animals, objects or something else worth treasuring. Unfortunately, these beautiful attachments that make life worth living also become the causes for deepest sorrow. At Avenue Counselling Services, we offer special counselling to help people come to terms with their loss and move on.

Grieving is important, but there is a limit

Grief can rip you apart and leave you miles away from the normal path of life. However, medical science agrees that despite its devastating effect, grieving is very important because it is the most profoundly therapeutic shield against the despairing vacuum that loss creates. In other words, grieving is a way of finding solace and building strength to bounce back into life.

But when people begin to drown in grief, become depressed and show no signs of revival, professional help is crucial. If left unattended, the repercussions can be disastrous. In extreme cases, suicide is a very real threat. This is where Avenue Counselling Services steps in. We help revive grieving people and work to avoid negative consequences due to unresolved grief.

How can Avenue Counselling Services help?

A grieving person dwells in a very delicate state of mind and consciousness. While professional treatment can help the person come out of grief, inept handling can lead to very undesirable consequences. Avenue Counselling Services has highly qualified and experienced counsellors who ensure that every person is handled in the most personalised way so that the counselling therapy can yield the desired results.

We help people come to terms with their loss by equipping them with grief handling skills that can help them in the future as well. We use different approaches including personal counselling, group therapies and other forms of therapeutic treatments.

However, we, or any professional for that matter, cannot give a specified time frame for treatment. There are numerous factors that decide how long a person takes to come out of their grief. Some people cannot come out of grief because they are simply unwilling to. Some others remain in that state because they live in denial of their loss. Our effort is to use a multidimensional approach to “coax” grieving people back into the mainstream by helping them take a positive view of life.

Coming to terms with loss is all about letting go of the loss and embracing the existing things in life. If you or one of your loved ones is unable to let go, get in touch with us so that you can move on with renewed vigour.

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