Appointments and Fees

Booking an appointment

Welcome to Avenue Counselling Services. The fact that you are here is proof that you are driven to solve your problems and embrace life with renewed vigour. We appreciate and admire your spirit. We also believe that when you want to do something positive in life after experiencing a period of trauma, mundane things such as referrals and fees should not play the spoilsport and create hurdles in your path of recovery.

If you are faced with a trying situation that requires professional counselling services, simply call us for an appointment. Avenue Counselling Services is directly accessible to anybody who needs our services. Referrals are not a prerequisite to avail yourself our service, although we are open to people who come to us through referrals.

The driving force behind Avenue Counselling Services is the deep desire to help people. So, whenever you need us, simply give us a call for an appointment.

Let’s talk about the date, time and place of meeting. We visit your home or meet you at any other place that is convenient for you. If you would rather seek telephonic counselling or talk over the Internet via Skype video conferencing, we are fine with that too.

Can I afford counselling services?

It breaks our heart to realise that people who want to emerge out of the dark phase of their lives are unable to do so because they cannot afford the fees that are usually charged. However, at Avenue Counselling Services, we aim to erase the boundaries created by monetary limitations.

Like we always say, Avenue Counselling is not in the “business” of counselling; we are in service. For us, money always comes second; you always come first.

We are affordable.

If fees are a concern for you, we consider your situation and can come up with a suitable payment plan that you can easily afford. When you call us, we happily disclose our charges and we never impose any kind of hidden or additional fee. Our charges are all transparent, clean and clear, just as we like it and we are sure you do too.

By resolving the monetary issues right at the beginning of our relationship with you, we can spend the rest of the time concentrating on coming up with solutions.

At Avenue Counselling Services, we always aim at minimising your recovery time so that you can begin living a full life as soon as possible. Our counselling services are never long drawn, unless your situation demands it. We like to keep sessions open-ended and offer maximum benefits during the therapeutic process because we are as eager as you are to get you back on the right track of life.

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