Abuse Counselling

Abuse is one of the most horrendous evils in society today. Unfortunately, the number of abuse cases being reported has increased in the past few years. More and more people, both young and old, are falling prey to abuse.

The worst thing about abuse is that it leaves a scar in the victim’s psychology forever. Even after years, victims of abuse cannot get over the abuse they have suffered.

Avenue Counselling Services works with a mission of healing the wounds of abuse.

We work towards helping victims and their families lead normal lives. Our Abuse Counselling services are available to anybody who wants to get over the trauma and begin a new life with renewed confidence and vitality.

What exactly is abuse?

Abuse is of different kinds – sexual abuse, domestic or physical abuse, financial abuse and emotional abuse. Abuse is when you are exploited or forced to behave in a manner that is against your nature. It could be a husband beating his wife, an employer harassing his employees, or caretakers harassing the elderly by not keeping them comfortable.

At Avenue Counselling Services, we aim to break the ice and get the abused to open up. Our Abuse Counselling experts use multidimensional approaches to talk to victims. The objective of counselling is to erase wounds so that they don’t end up becoming permanent emotional scars.

We heal wounds of abuse

Avenue Counselling Services provides counselling depending on multiple factors such as nature of abuse, age, background and social status of the victim.

We then come up with counselling programs that not only erase wounds, but also empower them with skills so that they can stand up against any kind of abuse they face in the future. In other words, we aim at long term results rather than providing temporary solutions.

You don’t have to suffer in silence

We understand your hesitation in approaching an Abuse Counselling service.

Societal stigma frightens some people into denying the abuse they suffer. Many of the abused live in denial, which makes treatment difficult.

In our experience, the biggest challenge we face on a regular basis is to make people concede the kind and extent of abuse they suffer. The only way to protect yourself from abuse is to speak out.

Nothing in the whole world can justify abuse. If you are an unfortunate victim, there is no reason for you to suffer in silence.

Our friendly counselling experts are easy to talk to. We promise complete confidentiality.

Call us today for an appointment and get your life back on track.

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