Avenue Counselling Services – Mission Statement

Avenue Counselling Services was set up with three main missions.

  • To help people live an emotionally and psychologically fulfilling and satisfying life
  • To help people adapt to different situations in life and avoid being bogged down by trying times
  • To help people handle emotional issues independently and come up with long lasting solutions for problems in life

Our mission is not just to solve the existing problems of our clients, but also to equip them with skills that help them face any tough situation that they face in the future.

We help you realise, understand and tap into your inherent emotional strength

You are born with a tough mind. However, sometimes, depending on the situations you face in life, you don’t realise your inherent strength and ability to emerge out of problems. Our mission is to help you understand your potential so that you can avert and solve any problem that you face in life.

Life presents multitudes of problems. A breakup with your partner can leave deep scars on your psychological health. Death of a loved one can shatter you. Consistent failure after numerous trials can break your self confidence. A troubled relationship grates on your mind and ruins your peace of mind.

At Avenue Counselling Services, we fully understand that you are a unique person, even if your problems are not unique. So, our counsellors always come up with tailor made counselling schedules that aim to help you come to terms with your problems in life.

We are never in business; we are always in service

When we set out conceptualising and launching Avenue Counselling Services, we were very sure that we would never want to tilt towards focusing on doing business. We were always very sure that providing our service would be our foremost priority and we work hard to live up to our ideals.

At Avenue Counselling Services, we accept everybody who comes to us is with a problem, irrespective of any kind of societal divide. Our services are tailored to meet your personal requirements. No matter how long or how short the treatment takes, we are there with you until your problems are resolved.

When you approach Avenue Counselling Services with your troubles, you can be assured of complete confidentiality. No part of your session shall ever be divulged to any third person (subject to exception clauses and law).

At Avenue Counselling, we adopt multiple approaches to resolve your problems. Our aim is to help you deal with problems with confidence and dignity. Contact us for personalised counselling services.

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