• Avenue Counselling: Why choose Us?

    • Affordable & Flexible 
    • No referral needed
    • Servicing all areas of Canberra, Queanbeyan & Surrounding Regions
    • Telephone Counselling services
    • Video Counselling services
    • We come to you. (feel more comfortable from home? no problems) 
  • Loss & Grief

    Coming to terms with loss is all about letting go of the loss and embracing the existing things in life. If you or one of your loved ones is unable to let go, get in touch with us so that you can move on with renewed vigour. 
  • Relationship Counselling

    Relationships are the foundation that you need in order to maintain good emotional, physical and psychological health in the present high stress life.  We offer counselling for all relationship types. Save your relationship while there is still hope.
  • Addictions

    Reinstate your independence and set yourself free from your addiction. 


Service Delivery

Sometimes in life, you just need an ear that can listen to your worries, a heart that can comprehend your stress and a voice that can guide you out of your problems. You really do not have to visit a counsellor’s smartly decorated office and relax on the couch to experience full benefits of counselling.

If you feel more comfortable at home, or if there is a quiet garden nearby that soothes you, or if you prefer the solace of an uncrowded coffee shop, you should choose that place to talk your heart out. Avenue Counselling Services gives you that freedom. We offer home visits, telephonic counselling, video counselling services through Skype or personal meetings at a place of your preference. Give us a call. We’ll fix the place and time to meet you depending on your convenience.

Avenue Counselling

But do such meetings and counselling sessions work?

Of course they do. Avenue Counselling Services gives you the choice of place because we want you to be comfortable in your surroundings since that’s when you can open your heart and speak deeply.

Sometimes, people feel intimidated by the professional ambiance of a counsellor’s office. So, if the mildly chaotic atmosphere of a park is your preference, receiving counsel in such a place can be much more effective because the ambiance has a naturally therapeutic effect on you.

At Avenue Counselling Services, we do not believe in putting you through what can sometimes be an inconvenience of visiting a counsellor’s office. Rather, we come to your doorstep. This way, you don’t have to face the inconvenience of driving up to a counsellor’s office, instead you can enjoy the comfort of spending time in a preferred location.

Video and teleconferencing technologies are effective too. If you are connected to the web, we can use Skype to talk. With the availability of high speed Internet in Australia, video conferencing has become very convenient.

If using the Internet is not an option, pick up your phone and dial. Our experienced counsellors communicate with your through teleconferencing technology and make sure that you receive the most appropriate help.

Obtain any kind of counselling service over Skype, phone, or personal visits

Avenue Counselling Services offers all kinds of counselling using technology or personal visits. Be it problems in relationships, workplace stress, loss or grief, or something else, we help you come to terms with the hurdles and face them bravely. We also equip you with skills that can help you face any kind of trouble in the future.

We care about your emotional, mental and psychological health; you can decide the place and the channel of communication. Contact Avenue Counselling Services to plan a meeting today.

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